Barbour Court Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

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bct family fun day

At The Family Fun Day children take a break from the jumping house, corn hole and line dancing to listen to a silly little song sung by Paul Baily.

bct senior prom

Each Spring we have a Spring Fling Senior Prom. Families come and enjoy a formal party. Everyone is dressed and looking their best. Penny and Anthony have been sweet hearts for a long time. When Anthony stood up out of his wheelchair to dance with his girl everyone applauded and became tearful as they moved to the music.

bct thanksgivign day

We have been sharing a Thanksgiving Meal with our families for twenty years. Each year we serve a hundred or more families. The Dietary department goes all out and prepares a feast. Often we hear “Thank You, if you had not had this event our family would not have been able to have a Thanksgiving meal together.”

vet day 1

We are so proud of our Veterans that we created a Wall of Honor for them. We display the names of our Veterans and the branch of service they served in. Their honor banners are also posted our side of their rooms beside the bct vets day2door. On Veteran’s Day they parade with pride. As we sing “God Bless America” the Veterans wave their flags and display their patriotism. An order out lunch is served at the end of the parade from a restaurant of their choosing.